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American Power Cord Letter Description
- Jun 29, 2018 -

American Power Cord Letter Description


1.SPT series is overall insulation (insulation only)

     SPT-1 18AWG/2C 1 Series Thinner for Lightweight Appliances

     SPT-2 18-16AWG/2C 2 series insulation is a bit thicker than 1 series, with

    Lightweight appliances, but with more power.

     SPT-3: 18-14AWG 3 series is the thickest for high-power electrical appliances

     HPN 16AWG/2C (HPN is rubber thread)

2. The NISPT series is non-integral insulation (ie insulation + jacket).

      NISPT-1 20-18AWG/2C

      SJT: 18-14AWG/3C

     SJTW: 18-14AWG/3C

     SVT: 18-16AWG/3C


• SPT = Service Parallel Thermoplastic (Service Parallel Thermoplastic)

HPN = Heater Parallel Neoprene (heater parallel rubber line)

S = Service Service (SO, SOW, ST, STW) O - Oil oily W - Wet Wet T - Thermoplastic Thermoplastics

SJ = Service Junior small service (SJO, SJOW, SJT, SJTW) O - Oil oily W - Wet Wet T - Thermoplastic Thermoplastics

SV = Service Vacuum Cleaner cleaner (SVT, SVO) O - Oil oily T - Thermoplastic Thermoplastics


Electronic wire

• Class I internal use; Class II external use

Group A is not subject to mechanical wear; Group B withstands mechanical wear

For example: "CSA AWM I A 90 C 300 V FT1" represents the AWM electronic wire, used internally, without mechanical damage, with a temperature resistance of 90 °C, a rated voltage of 300 V, and a combustion rating of FT-1.