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Classification of electrical appliances
- Jun 29, 2018 -

                               Classification of electrical appliances

There are 0 categories, 01, 1, 2 and 3 categories of safety standards for household appliances in Europe.

The 0 category: this kind of electrical appliances only requires the live part to be isolated from the shell, and there is no grounding requirement. Such electrical appliances are mainly used in places where people can not reach, such as rectifiers for fluorescent lamps.

The 01 category: this type of electrical appliances have industrial insulation, grounding end points can be grounded or ungrounded, in a dry environment (wooden floor room), can not be grounded, otherwise should be grounded, such as electric soldering iron.

The 1 category: there are working insulation, grounding terminals and grounding lines, which must be grounded. The grounding wire must have a brass conductor with a yellow green double color, and the contact resistance should not exceed 0.1 ohms. Such as electric oven, electric kettle, multi stoves.

The 2 category: such electrical appliances use double insulation or strengthen insulation, no grounding requirements. With working insulation, there are separate protective insulation or effective electrical isolation. This kind of electrical appliance is highly safe and can be used to contact the skin of the human body. The double insulation sign is the "back" sign. The main products of the company are 2 kinds of electrical appliances, such as the agitator, the egg machine and other.3 types: the electric appliances such as the shaving knife and other appliances using the safe voltage (less than 50 volts). In the environment which can not be safely grounded and not dry, products with safe voltage must be used.

The 2 kind of electrical appliances, double insulation sign is "back" shape sign printing size should be more than 5MM

Classification of world voltage

There are two major categories:

100 V - 12 7 V, representing countries and regions: the United States, Canada, Japan and Taiwan.

General weighing voltage 120V

2 20 V - 24 0 V range, representing countries and regions: Germany, the UK and other EU countries, Middle East, China, Russia and other countries and Hongkong region.

Generally called the European standard voltage.230V