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Common conductor materials for wire and cable
- Jul 01, 2018 -

Common conductor materials for wire and cable

The commonly used conductor materials of wire and cable include: copper foil wire, bare copper wire, tinned copper wire, bare twisted copper wire, plated twisted copper wire, silver-plated copper wire, copper-clad steel, and polyurethane enameled wire.

1. Copper foil wire, a copper foil strip (compressed by copper wire) wrapped around polyester fiber to form a strand, and then four strands are regularly stranded; copper foil wire is flexible, flexible and good in bending strength. Due to the inclusion of the fiber core, it is easy to absorb moisture and become black. It is mainly used as a conductor of telephone lines and game consoles.

2. Bare copper wire, with high conductivity, but easy to oxidize at high temperatures; divided into single (or solid) bare copper wire and stranded bare copper wire; the purpose of stranding is to keep the conductor soft.

3. Tin-plated copper wire, which is plated on the copper conductor surface by hot-plating or electroplating to prevent copper corrosion, discoloration and to make the conductor easier to weld; divided into single (or solid) tinned copper wire and stranded The purpose of the stranding is to keep the conductor soft.

4. Naked stranded copper wire, mainly used for electronic wire, on the one hand to facilitate welding, on the other hand due to the conductor is hard, not easy to bend, easy to plug into the printed circuit board above.

5. Twisted copper plating wire, mainly used for electronic wire, the performance is the same as bare stranded copper wire, the adhesion of tin layer is better than bare copper wire.

6. Silver-plated copper wire, mainly to increase the conductive properties of the conductor (better than bare copper wire), oxidation resistance and heat resistance, processing methods the same as the tin-plated copper wire, divided into single (or solid) silver-plated copper Wire and stranding; the purpose of stranding is to keep the conductor soft.

7. Copper clad steel, copper coated on the steel core, both high conductivity of copper and high mechanical strength of steel, copper clad steel wire can be used for power transmission and overhead lines of telephone lines; Microwave lines have the same transmission effect as copper wires; they can withstand freezing loads and strong winds when used as overhead telephone lines in mountainous areas and in rural areas. The span is twice as large as copper wires; and silver-plated copper-clad steel conductors are also available. Mainly to improve the conductor's electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, heat resistance.

8. Polyurethane enameled wire, good strength and softness is very good, mainly used on the motor or headphone line; as the motor winding wire or reduce the headphone cable's overall size, thereby reducing the overall weight of the headphone cable, to ensure strength and softness.