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Discussion on the causes of fire accidents in high flexible cables
- May 18, 2017 -

High flexible cables are now widely used, but with the popularity of the national power supply lines, some of its security problems have gradually aroused people's high attention, especially in recent years, the occurrence of cable fire accidents is to remind people to use this cable to pay extra attention. So, what are the quality reasons for the high-flex cable fire accidents? Let's go and get a look at it.

1. The conductor nominal cross-section of the cable core does not meet the requirements. Generally the nominal interface is more than the actual production of the cable, and nominal value of the standard deviation of the cable will have a larger unit current density, in the process of the cable is easy because of the failure to produce heat, resulting in a fire accident.

2, the cable production process is poor. The so-called no-rape, although not every manufacturer, but there will inevitably be some businessmen in the market for personal gain, in the production of cables in the process of not strictly operating in accordance with the standard. Even some merchants will use some faulty materials shoddy, resulting in the final production of the cable because of the quality of the use of the process caused by fire.

3, the cable material is not pure or unqualified. Cables are mainly used in the core line of some copper or aluminum conductive materials made, and many businessmen in the production process often use unqualified or not enough to replace the material, so that it will cause more impurities to reduce power. Therefore, the material used as the core line must be a number of high-quality electrolyte materials, mainly copper and aluminium.

4, the insulation material components do not meet the requirements or poor processing, we know that the external cable is generally used a material with insulating properties to wrap the core line, if the quality of this insulation material, it will reduce its own pressure performance in the process of use, and will form unqualified resistance value. In addition, long-term use will shorten its service life, it is easy to appear some short-circuit fault caused by fire.

5. Improper transportation. The cables are strictly inspected before the factory, but in the course of transportation because there is no correct protection measures to cause them to be squeezed collision, resulting in the insulation layer damaged or broken inside the core line phenomenon.