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Discussion on the 'insulation patching' problem of power cable
- May 18, 2017 -

Power cable production in China is very impressive, power cables are more cumbersome to produce, the production time is too long to be prone to failure, it is necessary to insulation repair, the problem of the country also has relevant provisions.

The general conventional remedy is to adopt the welding torch heating repair method, which is simple and convenient and practical, the effect is also possible. But the repair place is too long after the use of the time, will produce the insulation shrinkage, underground cables will not be moistureproof waterproof effect, overhead power cable atrophy area will be more and more extended.

The other way is the cable middle head, this method is very important to protect the cable insulation layer, its product structure is mainly: cover the entire cable damage, through heat treatment or cold processing can quickly wrap the cable, so that the original cable consistent with the ideal effect. But the material for repairing the power cables is more expensive than the usual patch, but the effect is very good. In particular, when cables are laid, the damage to the cable is taken to remedy.

The repair method of power cables is probably the two, of course, there are temporary insulation tape also can be maintained, but only a temporary emergency. In the original production process, the state-related standards stipulate that the insulation layer cannot be repaired without the written consent of the user. Electric power cable outer insulation repair pros and cons, of course, must be the original production does not repair good.