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How To Choose A Power Cord What Is Power Cord
- Jun 12, 2018 -

How to choose the power cord first

1, the standard issue

The first thing you need to know about the products you produce is which country you are going to sell to, and where the same family is different, there are different requirements on the standard of the power cord. For example, in European countries, products need EU VDE certification. In the United States, UL certification is required in the United States. Many countries in Australia, Japan, Italy, etc. have relevant product certification requirements, and the required plugs are not. Similarly, if this is not certain, you may not be able to use the products you have made, so this is the first issue.

2, power cord specifications and thick line

The power cord is divided into two cores and three cores, depending on the type of electrical equipment. Also divided into specifications, such as the national standard has 52 lines (lightweight PVC sheathed flexible cable) 53 lines (common PVC sheathed flexible cable), VDE points H03VV-F, H05VV-F and so on. And, the power cord is also divided into thickness, such as: 0.5mm2 0.75mm2 1.0mm2 1.5mm2, specifications and the thickness of the wire is mainly based on the power of the electrical appliances are different, please refer to the phase phase GB.

3, the power line color

This is mainly based on the color of the product, if your product is white, it should be accompanied by a white power cord, coupled with a black power cord, always not very good-looking.

4, the length of the power cord

The length of the power cord is determined according to the user's use. Too long or too short, the user is inconvenient in use.

To understand clearly what kind of power cords customers need, we must communicate well with the customers. If necessary, we need to change the samples of the customer plugs and have them confirmed. Cixi Baige Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and manufacturer of power cords. We hope our plug line can cooperate with you.

Power cord - The power cord is the wire that carries the current. The current transmission method is usually point-to-point transmission. Power cords can be divided into AC AC power cords according to their purpose and click here to add a picture description DC DC power cords, usually AC power cords are wires that pass a higher voltage AC power, which require a unified standard for safety certification because of the higher voltage The party can formally produce. The DC line basically passes the low-voltage direct current. Therefore, there is no strict requirement on the safety line for the AC line. However, for security reasons, all countries still require uniform safety certification.