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How to distinguish power cables and control cables
- May 18, 2017 -

Power cables are the main trunk of the power system to transmit and distribute large functional power. Rated voltages are generally 0.6/1kv and above. The control cable transmits the electric power directly to the power supply connected to various electrical equipments and its rated voltage is 450/750V. This makes the insulation and sheath thickness of power cables more than the control cables during production. The differences are summarized as follows:

One, the control cable belongs to the electrical equipment cable, and the power cable is the cable of the five categories of 2.

2. The standard of the control cable is 9330, the standard of the power cable is GB12706

Third, the control cable insulation core color is generally black and white, and the power cable is generally low-voltage separations.

Fourth, the control cable section generally does not exceed 10 square, the power cable mainly transports the electricity, is generally the large cross-section.