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Switzerland SEV certification
- Jun 23, 2018 -

Switzerland is a non-EU country and has not joined the European Union’s CE system in terms of product certification. Therefore, Swiss product regulations have their own requirements. The Swiss SEV low-voltage product regulations stipulate that the electronic and electrical products entering the Swiss market need to obtain the S-PLUS mark.

       This sign contains the product's safety also covers electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements.

Certification cycle: If you apply with CB, it takes 2-3 weeks. No CB takes 4-6 weeks.

Certified product range:


    Wire and Cable: PVC Cables, Non-Sheathed Cables, Sheathed Cables, Flexible Cables (Flexible Cords), Flexible Cables (CABL) Shielded and Unshielded Flexible Cables, Rubber Insulated Cables (Standard), Rubber Insulated Cables , silicone rubber insulated cables, cords and cords, elevator cables, welding machine cables, heat-resistant vinyl rubber insulated cables, and wire assemblies.