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The composition of the power line
- Jun 29, 2018 -

The composition of the power line 

The composition of a power cord: plugs, wires, and corresponding markings

1 plug classification:

According to the voltage, there are: European standard plug and American standard plug

According to the pin: two-legged and three-pin plug

According to the shape of the plug: there are many, depending on the country,


2. Electrical parameters of the plug: refers to the maximum rated current of the plug and

The voltage is as follows:

European regulations: 250V / 2.5A, 250V / 10A,


3. Identification of the plug:

European standard plug:

Certification mark: The plug is generally certified by Germany VDE, France NF, Netherlands KEMA, Denmark DMKO, Switzerland SEMKO, Austria OVE, Finland FI, Belgium CEBEC and China CCC.

Electrical parameters: such as 250V / 2.5A

US standard plug:

Certification mark: US UL, Canadian CSA, Japan, Taiwan and other certifications

Manufacturer model: such as FE-122P

UL certification number: eg E219959