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What is the 2.5 square wire load? How to calculate it?
- Jun 25, 2018 -

2.5 square wire is the wire that is often used in life, but what is the load of 2.5 square wire, is everyone clear? Understand the load of the electric wire, avoid the safety problem caused by improper use in the process of electricity use, following the Xiaobian together to understand the load of 2.5 square wire.

The definition of wire load is briefly introduced:

Electric load The electrical power consumed by a consumer using electrical energy. Power loads include asynchronous motors, synchronous motors, various types of electric arc furnaces, rectifiers, electrolyzers, cooling and heating equipment, electronic equipment, and lighting fixtures. They belong to various power users in industries such as industry and agriculture, enterprises, transportation, scientific research institutions, culture and entertainment, and people's lives. According to the different load characteristics of the power users, the power load can be divided into various industrial loads, agricultural loads, the load of the transportation industry and the electricity load of the people's lives. The load of the wire that we often say verbally, generally refers to the current value that it can bear. At present, 1KW is equivalent to 2A of current.