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What is the color above the wire and cable?
- Jun 23, 2018 -

Everyone knows that there are different colors on several wires in the cable. What are these colors for? Here is the network Xiaobian of Tongqiao Electric Co., Ltd. to introduce to you the meaning of the color above the cable.

Cable skin color cable sheath color specifications


National standard: yellow, green, red. Blue represents A. B. C. N

1 When the circuit is marked by the wire color


1.1 Black: Internal wiring of devices and equipment.


1.2 Brown: The positive side of the DC circuit.


1.3 red: three-phase circuit and C phase;

Collector of a semiconductor transistor;

The cathode of a semiconductor diode, rectifier diode, or thyristor.


1.4 Yellow: Phase A of the three-phase circuit;

The base of a semiconductor transistor;

Thyristor and triac control poles.


1.5 Green: Phase B of the three-phase circuit.


1.6 blue: negative pole of the DC circuit;

The emitter of a semiconductor transistor;

The anode of a semiconductor diode, rectifier diode, or thyristor.


1.7 light blue: the zero line or neutral line of the three-phase circuit;

DC circuit grounded neutral.


1.8 White: The main electrode of the triac;

There is no specified color semiconductor circuit.


1.9 Yellow and green colors (each color width is approximately 15 to 100 mm alternately attached); safety grounding wire.


1.10 Red and Black Concurrent: AC circuits connected with twin wires or double strands.


2 When selecting the wire color according to the circuit


2.1 AC three-phase circuit

Phase A: Yellow;

Phase B: green;

Phase C: red;

Neutral or neutral, light blue;

Safety ground wire: yellow and green.


2.2 AC circuits connected with twin wires or double strands: red and black in parallel.


2.3 DC circuit

Positive: Brown;

Negative electrode: blue;

Grounded neutral: light blue.


2.4 Semiconductor Circuits of Semiconductor Transistors

Collector: red;

Base: Yellow;

Emitter: blue.


Semiconductor diodes and rectifier diodes

Anode: blue;

Cathode: Red.



Anode: blue;

Control pole: yellow;

Cathode: Red.



Control pole: yellow;

Main electrode: white.


2.5 The internal wiring of the entire device and equipment is generally recommended: black;

Semiconductor circuit: white;

When there is confusion: It is permissible to select colors other than the specified color (such as: orange, purple, gray, green-blue, rose-red, etc.).

2.6 In the case of a specific color, on a single wire, if there are two or more than two colors that can be marked, depending on the specific conditions of the circuit, the color is determined according to a certain meaning that needs to be expressed in the circuit.