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Wire and cable auxiliary materials
- Jul 01, 2018 -

Wire and cable auxiliary materials

Commonly used auxiliary materials for wire and cable include: filling materials, partitioning materials, and shielding materials.

1. Filling materials, including: polyester fiber, cotton yarn, PP rope. The purpose is to keep the cable round, reduce the amount of rubber, reduce the cost, and increase the cable strength. Among them, polyester fiber is often used for wire with high bending requirements.

2. Separation materials, including: cotton paper, polyester tape, foamed PP tape, talcum powder / mica powder, silicone oil, DOP, B.T.A.

(1).The core cotton paper, polyester tape, foam PP tape, when the cable is wrapped into the paper, or when the outer cover is out of the package, the paper can be rounded and the opening can be ensured.

(2). Talc powder/mica powder, when the outer core is extruded, the surface of the core PVC and the coated PVC are heated, and it is easy to stick together. The talcum powder/mica powder is used to ensure the opening and control of adhesion.

(3). Silicone oil, sprayed when the insulation is extruded, mainly to improve the adhesion between the conductor and the insulation, and to ensure the opening between the insulation and the outer cover.

(4).DOP, used between the conductor and the insulation to improve the adhesion between the conductor and the insulation.

(5).B.T.A., the solution is applied to the surface of the conductor when the insulation is extruded, and the main function is to prevent oxidation of the bare copper wire.

3. Shielding materials, including: aluminum foil Mylar belt (usually accompanied by a row of interference ground wire), braided wire, oblique wire. Shielding can effectively prevent mutual interference inside and outside the shield.