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Wire classification
- Jun 29, 2018 -

Wire classification

1. Wire classification:

1. according to the voltage: the European line and the US Line

2. according to the material:

External insulation materials: PVC line, silica gel line, rubber line, Teflon thread, and silicone rubber.


3. the copper core line and the aluminum core line are divided according to the conductor material.

The line commonly used by Dongguan Ya Xian company is PVC copper core wire.

Two. Method of specification for wire:

The European Union's power line model is divided into 10 parts:

Model: H 03 V VH2- F 3 G 0.75

Bytes: 12345678910 111213

The following is the following:

1, (first byte) type: H stands for HARMONIZED (Coordinator), and A represents OTHER STD (other agencies).

2, (2-3 byte) rated voltage: 03=300/300V; 05=300/500V; 07=450/750V

3, (fourth bytes) basic insulating materials: V=PVC; R=RUBBER (rubber); S=SI RUBBER (silicone rubber); N=POLYCHLOROPRENE RUBBER (neoprene); L=GLASS FIBER (glass fiber)

4, (fifth bytes) additional insulation: ibid. One more T=TEXTILE (braided material).

5, (sixth byte) special parts: with D3, it can be saved.

6, (seventh byte) structure: H=FLAT SEPARATE CABLE, H2=FLAT NON-SEPARATE CABLE

7, (eighth byte) conductor structure: F= soft wire, H= soft wire, very thin wire.

8, (Ninth bytes) line core number:

9, (Tenth byte) grounding type: G= has grounding; X= has no grounding.

10, (11-13 bytes) section area: 0.75=0.75mm2