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Brazilian Standard Plug
- Jun 05, 2018 -

Brazilian Standard Plug


Brazilian plugs are implemented in accordance with Brazil's 14136:2002 manufacturing standards. The pins are three cylinders with an isosceles triangular shape. Standard electrical parameters: 10A and 20A. The Brazilian 14136 standard is based on the evolution of the international IEC 60906-1 standard reference. International standards are dedicated to the formulation and encouragement of countries to adopt globally standardized plug and socket standards.

Next time NBR14136 was released: In 2002 there were three different types of plugs used in Brazil. The first is two blade plugs that meet NEMA 1-15 for use in North America and Japan. The second is that the NEMA 5-15 round pin plug with two parallel flat pins and an intermediate ground is also used in North America and Japan. Finally, the European standard plug can also be used throughout the European continent.

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