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Brief Introduction Of Single Core Cable
- Aug 19, 2017 -

Brief introduction of single core cable

The provisions of the electricity safety regulations: cable 35kV and below voltage are used at both ends of grounding mode, this is because most of these cables is three core cable, in normal operation, the total current flow through the three cores of zero in aluminum clad or metal shielding layer is basically no magnetic chain, so in aluminum the package or the metal shielding layer is basically no induction voltage at both ends, so there will be a parallel induction current flowing through the aluminum package or metal shielding layer. However, when the voltage exceeds 35kV, most of the single core cable is used, and the relation between the wire core and the metal shield layer can be regarded as the relation between the coil and the iron core in the primary winding of the transformer. When a single core cable passes through an electric current, there is a magnetic line of force, an aluminum clad chain or a metal shield that causes an inductive voltage at either end of it.

Power cables are usually composed of wires, insulating layers and protective layers, with single core, double core and three core cables.

A single core means that there is only one conductor in an insulating layer. If it is to be used in a single phase lighting circuit, two roads should be used. A double core is a two-way conductor in an insulating layer, such as for use in a single phase lighting circuit, with only one laying. There are many strands of wire and single strands, with soft core and hard core. Type selection according to service condition and use power

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