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British Standard Plug
- May 31, 2018 -

British Standard Plug

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Electrical parameters:

Current: 13A Voltage: 250V Frequency: 50Hz


British standard plug instructions:

British standard plugs (figure-shaped plugs) are implemented in accordance with BS 1363 manufacturing standards, also called British Standards. The British official plug standard has been used in BS 1363 since 1962. British Standard is also used in British colonial countries such as Ireland, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. The British standard plug is a product-shaped, rectangular column, large cross-section, withstand high current, is one of the most secure plugs in many plug standards. British standard power outlet has a protective door design to prevent foreign objects from being inserted or to prevent accidental insertion. It is safer and more reliable. Plugs and sockets are mandatory for certification and electrical testing by British ASTA test and certification agencies. The electrical parameter of the British standard plug is 3-13A/250VAC