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European Standard / German Standard Plug
- May 28, 2018 -

European standard / German standard plug

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Electrical parameters:

Current: 16A Voltage: 250V Frequency: 50Hz


The manufacturing standards for European standard plugs (two rounds) are implemented according to the CE standard. European standard plugs are used in most European countries such as Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Russia. Since this standard is used throughout Europe, we call it the "continental European" standard. The plugs are two cylinders with a span of 19mm. The grounding level is achieved by grounding the plugs on both sides. Central and Eastern European 7/7 European plugs have embedded pins, and sockets in France and Belgium are similar. The European standard outlet electrical parameters are 10A-16A 230ACV AC power. The European standard socket is the safest socket in the world, and the most special place to connect is to consider people's safety. Therefore it is also the most widely used plug standard in the world. Note: The Italian standard plug is a three-cylinder line. The Danish standard and the Swiss standard plug are three-cylindrical in triangular shapes and all have a direct grounding level pin.

The plug requirement for medical use in Sweden is the use of an injection-molded integrated connection plug. The Russian certification body GOST specification requires that the 7/7 plug in Central and Eastern Europe be the standard for 16A.