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How To Avoid The Fire Of Cable Overload
- May 18, 2017 -

1, in the line design process, should accurately approve the site capacity, fully consider the possibility of new capacity, select the appropriate model of the wire. Large capacity, should choose thicker conductor. Line design, reasonable selection is the key step to prevent overload. If the design of improper selection, will be left to rectify the congenital hidden dangers. Some small projects and places do not carefully design selection. It is very dangerous to choose and lay the wires freely. New electrical appliances and equipment should fully consider the bearing capacity of the original line. The original line does not meet the requirements, should be redesigned and reformed.

2, the line should be in accordance with the relevant specifications, so that electrician qualified personnel construction laying. The laying condition of the line directly affects the heat dissipation of the conductor. Generally speaking, the wiring should not traverse easy, combustible substances, stacking, which will lead to the conductor heat dissipation, heat accumulation, the possibility of producing combustible goods around the ignition is increased, the danger of fire is caused by overload. The laying line of the decoration ceiling of public entertainment venues should be protected by steel pipe, so that the ceiling and the line separated, in overload, short-circuit and so on, even if the bead will not fall, to avoid the fire.

3, strengthen the power management, avoid disorderly wiring, disorderly lap line, cautious use of mobile socket. Disorderly wiring, disorderly lap line, use of mobile socket is actually a certain line on the addition of electrical equipment, increase the electricity flow and can cause overload. Mobile socket jack is more than the wall of the fixed socket, if the use of excessive electrical equipment on the mobile socket, the original line must be unbearable.