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How To Identify The Encoder Cable For Inferior Cable?
- May 18, 2017 -

1, PVC sheath: The surface can see that the inside of the press, the regular "roughness", indicating that the processing technology is good, will not produce a relatively sliding, is a good cable; the appearance is smooth, can not see the press tight knit mesh "roughness", with hand pinch sheath has loose motion, is the difference cable.

2, Screening screen layer mesh: The number of compilation is enough, copper wire mesh, check solderability, tin copper wires scraping to see whether the inside copper wire, aluminum-magnesium alloy wire is significantly greater than copper wire, the hardness of sparse, uneven distribution, and insulation layer is not tight cable.

3, check the conductor: number of roots, the diameter of single-root copper wire, calculate the cross-sectional area is achieved

4, check the core line and the insulation layer of adhesion: oblique incision insulation layer, the stripping direction of the core line, see the core line and insulation layer bonding process materials; Good cable has a large adhesion, the cable is not bonded.