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Identify The Power Cord Is Good Or Bad
- May 25, 2018 -

The power cord is a daily item in people's careers and tasks, especially family decoration, office and production lighting, and the quality of the power cord is safe and serious. Many fire alarms occur because the power cord is aging and the equipment is irrational. It may be formed by the use of low-quality power cords. Therefore, consumers must polish their eyes when they purchase electric wires, carefully identify them, and take preventive measures.

The country requires the use of copper-core insulated conductors in new buildings, offices and production lighting, but the same copper conductors and poor quality copper conductors. The copper core is made of recycled copper. The recycled copper contains many impurities, and some of the inferior copper conductors. The conductive function is even worse than wire, which can easily cause electrical accidents. At present, there are many wire brands on the market and the prices are confusing, making it difficult for consumers to choose. In terms of the prices of 2.5 mm2 and 4 mm2 copper wires commonly used in home decoration, office and production lighting, the same specification for a power cord has a price difference of 10% to 20% due to manufacturer differences. Even bigger, as to whether the quality is good or bad, whether the length can reach the target is even more difficult for consumers to decide.

The difference in the price of power cords is so great because of the differences in the original data used in the production process. The main raw materials for the production of power cords are electrolytic copper, insulation materials and insulating sheathing materials. At present, on the market, electrolytic copper is priced at 49,000 yuan per ton, while recycled copper scrap is only worth 33,000 yuan per ton. The original ecological insulation data and sheathing material are 9,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan per ton for high-quality product prices. The price of defective products may only be 5,000 yuan per ton for 6000 yuan. In addition, the lack of length and the insufficient amount of resin contained in the insulators are the main reasons for the price difference. The length of each roll of wire, the superior product (GB) is 100 meters ± 0.5 meters, which is at least 99.5 meters / roll, and the defective as long as 95 meters, and known as the national standard, and some even as long as 80 meters. After comparison, it is not difficult for consumers to see that there is a gap in the quality of finished power cords.

Use of plug power cord When unplugging the plug, remove the power cord from the plug. Do not pull the cord only, causing the copper wire inside the cord to break. The plug power cord should not be placed under furniture or heavy objects to avoid the risk of damage. 1. The breakage of the internal copper wire of the plug power cable is called semi-broken wire. When the current flows through the semi-broken wire, the circuit suddenly becomes narrower, resulting in excessive heat and high heat. 2. When using v, care should be taken not to bind it; since the plug's power cord is bundled, the heat is difficult to dissipate, so the temperature rises and the plastic melts, causing the copper wire to short circuit and catch fire. 3, plug the power cord to avoid placing above the stove, due to the high temperature of the fire will melt the plastic, causing the copper short circuit fire. 4. The plug power cord should be used under the permissible load capacity, and there should be a product with leakage protection device or overload protection device for the connected porous socket on the extension cord. 5. The use of old, damaged plug power cords will cause short circuit, leakage or inductive power, and should be updated immediately. 6. Is the plug power cord in use hot or smelling? This is an overload phenomenon. The use of this high-power electrical appliance should be stopped immediately to inform the professional electrician to check it. 7. The simple algorithm for confirming whether the plug power cord is overloaded: The sum of the power of the plugged power cord/power supply voltage. The result is an estimated current. Compare it with the rated capacity of the socket, and it should be less than the rated capacity of the plug.

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