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Main Technology Of Wire And Cable
- May 18, 2017 -

Main technology of wire and cable
Wire and cable is through: Pulling system, twisted system, covering three kinds of technology to make the completion of the model specifications more complex, the higher the repetition.
1. Pulling system
In the metal pressure machining. The metal is forcibly passed through the mould (pressure wheel), the metal cross-section is compressed, and the technical processing method of the cross-sectional area shape and size is called the metal pulling system.
Drawing process: monofilament pulling system and twisting system.
2. Twisted System
In order to improve the flexibility of wire and cable, the overall degree, so that 2 of the single line above, in accordance with the prescribed direction interwoven together called the twisted system.
Twisted Technology part: conductor twisted, cable, weaving, steel wire armor and winding.
3. Cladding
According to the different performance requirements of wire and cable, special equipment is used in the outer bread of the conductor to cover different materials. Coated process:
A. Squeeze bags: rubber, plastics, lead, aluminum and other materials.
b. Longitudinal package: rubber, corrugated aluminum strip material.
C. Wrap: Ribbon tape, mica tape, no alkali glass fiber belt, non-woven fabrics, plastic belt, wire-like cotton yarn, silk and other fiber materials.
D. Dip coating: Insulating paint, asphalt, etc.