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New Energy Car Charging Pile Cable How To Choose
- Jun 12, 2018 -

New energy and green travel have become a new way of life, and more and more charging piles have appeared in life. Therefore, the standard electric vehicle DC (AC) charging pile cable has become the "heart" of charging piles.

Due to the country's vigorous development and support, according to statistics: Before 2015, China had 497,000 new energy vehicles, plus 62,663 units sold in the first quarter of 2016, a total of 560,000 vehicles. The status of the corresponding charging infrastructure is as follows: By the end of 2015, there were more than 3,600 built-in charging and replacing stations and 49,000 utility charging posts. In the future development of the use of charging piles will be more and more. Therefore, the standard electric vehicle DC (AC) charging pile cable will become a major mainstream in the cable industry.

The standard electric vehicle DC charging pile is commonly known as “fast charging”. During the charging process, the input voltage of the DC charging pile adopts three-phase four-wire AC380V±15%, frequency 50Hz, and the output is adjustable DC, directly charging the electric battery of the electric vehicle. . Can achieve fast charging requirements; and standard electric vehicle AC charging pile is commonly known as "slow charge", AC charging pile only provides power output, there is no charging function, need to connect the car charger for electric vehicle charging, which is the amount of charging pile cable The request.

Deke cable is mainly based on special cable production, so its standard DC electric charging pile cable has a high performance, mainly used in charging pile systems, floor-type charging piles, wall-mounted charging piles, in which the voltage is 1KV ( DC), test voltage 6000V/min (DC), fixed laying: 4× cable outer diameter, mobile installation: 7.5× cable outer diameter or smaller temperature range, fixed laying: -50°C~90°C, mobile installation: -40 °C~90°C, oil resistance: good, chemical resistance, acid, alkali, solvent, and various hydraulic oils, weather resistance: UV resistance, sunlight aging performance, suitable for outdoor use. Flame retardant characteristics: in accordance with IEC. With a special structure, specifications can be customized.

Use characteristics: 1, the cable in the charging process of voltage, current signal control and transmission network system has high pressure, high temperature, anti-electromagnetic interference, signal transmission stability, anti-knife more than 10,000 times, wear more than 50,000 times , More than 50,000 times of wear resistance, oil resistance, waterproof, acid and alkali resistance, UV resistance and other characteristics.

2, product concentricity, up to 80%, so that the high voltage performance of the cable is stable and reliable.

3, the product of the minimum bending 4D, easy to use between the narrow space corner wiring. The product has high flexibility and is very convenient for on-board wiring.

4. The rated temperature of the product is 125°C. This is a great technological advancement and improvement for soft-insulation materials that are formed once. It is very important to ensure that the cables have flexible performance and improve the current-carrying capacity of the cables.

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