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Power Cord Specifications And Structure
- May 25, 2018 -

The power cord - also known as the plug power cord, is a length of wire plus a plug or a plug on both ends of the power cord. The power line is a common accessory for small household appliances, communications, and various mechanical devices. Simply put, a device or a device is good, as long as it requires power, it is inseparable from the power line. The power cord is a worldwide product, so the customer facing the plug line produced by Cixi Baige Electronic Co., Ltd. is the whole world. If the power cord product is to be exported, the product must be certified and exported to which country. The power cord must have the appropriate certification. If the plug line exported to Europe must have European VDE certification, the power line exported to the United States must have UL certification of the United States, the power line exported to the United Kingdom must have British BS certification, the plug line exported to Australia must have Australian SAA certification......

Since the power cord is a plug and wire, customers must configure the corresponding plug and wire according to the customer's requirements. For example: Plug: Is it a 2-pin plug or a 3-pin plug? Which country's plug needs, how much amperage voltage, and how much current; the distribution of the distribution line is also many: 2 core wire or 3 core wire, different national standards and requirements are Different, there are different types of wires, such as the European standard H03VVH2-F H05VVH2-F H05VV-F, etc., Size is also 2x0.75mm2 2x1.0mm2 3x0.75mm2 3x1.0mm2 ... ... need to be equipped with long lines. With such a large number of specifications and requirements, we must communicate well with our customers. If necessary, we need to give samples to customers for confirmation.

So what is the structure of the power cord? The power line structure mainly has 3 parts

The first part: The outer sheath and the outer sheath are generally used for protection, and the structure inside is protected from being destroyed, so that the power cord can be used normally and safely. The outer sheath is directly in contact with the outside, so the outer sheath generally has the characteristics of resistance to insulation, high temperature resistance, cold resistance, oil resistance, wear resistance, toughness, and the like.

The second part: Conductor jacket, also known as insulation jacket, according to the name can be known, the main role is to use in isolation from the direct contact of external objects and current, resulting in the use of safety.

The third part: the inner core, which is the core part of the power line, is the direct contact between the connected electrical device and the current, and is the medium of the electrical current and the electrical device. The material of the inner core is generally a copper core, so the quality of the copper core directly affects the quality of the power supply line.

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