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Power Plug
- May 28, 2018 -

The power plug is also called the power cord plug, English is the power plug. Used in various fields, various countries. The general power plug can be used only by connecting the power cord. According to the purpose of the power plug is not the same, the power cord plug can be used in the voltage of 250V, 125V, 36V, depending on the current can be used in 16A, 13A, 10A, 5A, 2.5A.


    The power plug can be roughly divided into a conversion power plug, an injection power plug, and an assembly power plug.

Change the power plug: The power plug standard of each country is not the same, for example, China's power plug to the United States, can not be used, must need a conversion plug to complete the conversion. This requires changing the power plug. Converting the power plug is to convert one national standard plug into another national standard power plug.

Injection power plug: injection plug is the plug and wire through the high temperature, high pressure pressure together, once formed, it can not be installed and dismantled, this power plug features obvious, stable and safe. More than 80% of the power plugs that are generally distributed in the market are such power plugs.

Assembling the power plug: Assembling the plug means that the power cord and plug are fixed together by screws, but they can be assembled and disassembled during use, which ensures the flexibility of the power plug. For example, a large proportion of the UK market uses this type of power plug