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Selection Method / Wire And Cable
- Jun 06, 2018 -

First, choose the wire to look at the copper core At present, there are many types of wires on the market, many specifications, and prices are chaotic. It is very difficult for consumers to choose. General home decoration, commonly used 2.5 square mm and 4 square mm two kinds of copper wire, but the price, the same size of a line, because manufacturers are different, the price can be a difference of 20% to 30%. As for the quality, whether the length is up to standard, consumers are even more difficult to determine. According to industry sources, the reason why the price difference of electric wires is huge is due to the different raw materials used in the production process. The main raw materials for producing wires are electrolytic copper, insulating materials and sheathing materials. At present, the raw material market has more than 70,000 yuan per ton of electrolytic copper, while the recycled copper is much cheaper; the gap between the quality of the insulating material and sheathing material and the defective product is even more disparate. In addition, the lack of length and inadequate insulation of the insulators also contribute to price differences. The length of each line, excellent products is 100 meters, while the defective product is only about 90 meters; the insulation content of excellent products accounted for 35% to 40%, while the defective products only 15%. By comparison, it is not difficult for consumers to see that there is a difference in the sales price of finished wire due to the presence of tidiness on the material. So, how to identify the advantages and disadvantages when buying a wire?

One must look. See if there is a quality system certification; see whether the certificate is standardized; see if there is a factory name, site, inspection seal, and production date; see if the trademark is printed on the wire, specifications, voltage, etc. Also look at the cross section of the wire copper core, superior product copper color bright, soft color, otherwise it is defective.

The second is to try. It is advisable that a wire head be repeatedly bent by hand, and that any product that has soft hand feeling, good fatigue resistance, plastic or rubber feel elasticity, and no crack on the wire insulation body is superior. Wires are indispensable materials for users in the process of electricity consumption. Their quality is directly related to the safety of electricity consumption of millions of households. Therefore, in the purchase or selection, how quickly and accurately check the quality of the wire is the skill that the majority of electricians must master.

Second, to determine the quality of wire quality 1 weight. Good quality wires are generally within the specified weight range. For example, the commonly used plastic insulated single strand copper wire with a cross-sectional area of 1.5 mm2 is 1.8-1.9 kg per 100 m; 2.5 mm2 of plastic insulated single-stranded copper wire, weight per 100 m 2.8 to 3.0 kg; 4.0 mm2 of plastic insulated single-stranded copper wire, with a weight of 4.1 to 4.2 kg per 100 m. Poor quality wires have insufficient weight or are either of insufficient length or have too many impurities in the wire copper core.

2 Copper. Qualified copper core wire copper core should be purple, shiny and soft to the touch. The shoddy copper core copper core is purple-black, yellowish or white, with many impurities, poor mechanical strength, and poor toughness. It will break when it is hardened, and the wire is often broken. When checking, you just strip the wire 2 cm, and then use a piece of white paper to slightly squat on the copper core. If there is black material on the white paper, the copper core contains more impurities. In addition, the counterfeit wire insulation seems to be very thick, in fact, most of them are made of recycled plastics. The products produced have poor toughness, poor resistance to damage, and are prone to peeling and cracking. Over time, the insulating layer will age and leak. , causing a safety incident.

3 manufacturers. Counterfeit and inferior cables are often “three non-products”, but there are also ambiguous origins and other signs, such as manufacturing in China, a province in China, or manufacturing in a certain city, which is actually equivalent to a non-standard production area.

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