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Standard Plug In South Africa / India
- Jun 11, 2018 -

Standard plug in South Africa / India



Electrical parameters:

Current: 15A Voltage: 220V-230V Frequency: 50Hz


The plugs for India and South Africa are performed according to BS 546 India/SABS 164-1 South Africa manufacturing standards, which are based on the British Standard 546 (British BS 1363 plug standard for 1962). The BS 546 standard is also used in parts of southern Africa (such as Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria), the Middle East (Kuwait, Qatar), Nepal, parts of Asia, and parts of the Far East. The pins are three cylinders, and the ground is larger than the zero-fire two-stage diameter. The plug's electrical parameters are 15A/250VAC. Note: The Indian standard plug is not mandatory for the British Standards Institute's certification. If exporting equipment to India, consult the local power supply standard in detail.

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