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Strengthen The Control Of Quality Of Cable Raw Material To Improve Cable Quality
- Feb 21, 2018 -

For the production enterprise, the first is to strengthen the production of cable raw material quality control. Raw materials are the basis of products, to control the quality of products, must start from the source of production, copper conductor, aluminum conductor and cable material quality directly determines the wire and cable products of the performance. It is recommended that enterprises check some of their important properties when purchasing these raw materials. such as copper conductor DC resistance, cable material mechanical properties and dielectric strength performance, to ensure that the purchase of raw material quality clearance; When the raw material enters the factory, the factory raw material quality Inspection Department takes the batch as the unit to inspect the raw material quality, Eliminate the single pursuit of low cost and ignore the quality of raw materials behavior.

Secondly, the production enterprises should strengthen the quality management and technology learning. In order to improve the quality of wire and cable products, the production enterprises should first carry out relevant quality management and technical training, learn related manufacturing, testing standards, comprehensive factors, set up a complete quality management control system, for wire and cable manufacturing problems to be found in the corresponding solution mechanism. Improve quality documents, make a complete process card, and ensure that the process card is not mixed, disorderly use and produce the wrong products, and ensure that employees in strict accordance with quality documents for production, enhance the quality of staff control awareness.

Thirdly, the production enterprises should strengthen the quality inspection and control work. The production enterprise should pay attention to the routine test, the sampling test and the factory test, the designation and the consummation inspection procedure, the regular and the orderly inspection to the raw material, the semi-finished product and the finished goods, specially must pay attention to the routine test and 100% factory test coverage, and promptly, effectively to the unqualified sample rework or Strive to achieve early detection of substandard items, timely analysis of the reasons, early adjustment process and improve management, unqualified products do not factory.

For raw materials enterprises to strengthen cooperation with cable enterprises, strengthen the quality assurance of key technologies, cutting-edge technology and basic technology research, through technological innovation to accelerate industrial restructuring, product and industry quality improvement. Consciously resist illegal acts, and promote the construction of quality supervision system for wire and cable products, transmission of more positive energy for wire and cable industry.