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Technical Characteristics Of Wire And Cable Products
- May 18, 2017 -

Electromechanical products are usually assembled into parts, multiple parts assembled into a single product, the number of units or pieces of products measured. Wire and cable is the basic unit of measurement in length. All wires and cables are from the conductor processing, in the outer layer of the conductor layer of insulation, shielding, cable, retaining layer and so on to make wire and cable products. The more complex the structure of the product, the more layered the stack.
Technical characteristics of wire and cable products
1. Large-length continuous superposition combined production method
The influence of large length continuous superposition combined production mode on the production of wire and cable is global and controllable, which involves and affects:
(1) Production process and equipment layout
The production workshop of various equipment must be according to the product requirements of the flow of reasonable emission, so that all phases of semi-finished products, circulation. Equipment configuration to consider the production efficiency of different productive capacity balance, some equipment may have to configure two or more units, in order to make the production capacity to balance. Thus the reasonable matching combination of equipment and the layout of the production site must be balanced synthetically according to the product and throughput.
(2) Production organization management
Production organization management must be scientific and reasonable, careful and precise, strict and meticulous, operators must be meticulous in accordance with the process requirements, any link problems, will affect the smooth flow of the quality of products and delivery. In particular, multi-core cables, a certain line or basic unit length is short, or quality problems, the entire cable will be insufficient length, resulting in scrap. Conversely, if a unit length is too long, it must be sawn to cause waste.
(3) Quality Management
The production mode of large-length continuous superposition combination makes the quality of the whole cable can be influenced by one points in any part of the process. The more the quality defect occurs in the inner layer, and it is not found in time to terminate the production, the greater the damage. Because the production of wire and cable is different from the assembled product, can be disassembled and replaced another piece; any part of the wire and cable or the quality problem of the process is almost irreversible and compensated for this cable. Afterwards the processing is very negative, not saw short is demoted treatment, or scrap the entire cable. It cannot disassemble the reload.
The quality control of wire and cable must be permeated through the whole production process. Quality Management Inspection Department to inspect the entire production process, the operator self-test, the upper and lower procedures for mutual inspection, which is to ensure product quality, improve the economic efficiency of enterprises important guarantee and means.
2. The production process of many categories, large volume of material flow
Wire and cable manufacturing involves a wide range of processes, from nonferrous metals smelting and pressure processing, to plastics, rubber, paint and other chemical technology; textile Technology of fiber material wrap, weaving, etc., to metal wrap and metal strip longitudinal pack, welding metal forming process and so on.
Wire and cable manufacture of various materials used, not only categories, varieties, specifications, and large quantities. Therefore, the amount of materials, standby quantity, batch cycle and batch must be approved. At the same time, the decomposition of waste products, recycling, reuse and waste disposal, as an important management content, good material quota management, pay attention to saving work.
Wire and cable production, from raw materials and various auxiliary materials in and out of, storage, the flow of semi-finished products of the process to the storage, factory, material flow of large, must be reasonable layout, dynamic management.
3. More dedicated equipment
Wire and cable manufacturing use of the industry with the characteristics of special production equipment, to adapt to cable products structure, performance requirements, to meet the high-length continuous and high-speed production as far as possible, thus forming a cable-made special equipment series. such as extrusion machine series, pull line machine series, stranding machine series, winding Charter series.
Wire and cable manufacturing process and special equipment development is closely related to each other. New process requirements, promote the emergence and development of new special equipment; in turn, the development of new special equipment has promoted the popularization and application of new technology. such as wire drawing, annealing, extrusion line, physical foaming production line, such as special equipment, the promotion of wire and cable manufacturing process development and improve the quality of the cable products and production efficiency.