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The Application Of Copper And Aluminum Alloy Cables From Multiple Angles
- Feb 21, 2018 -

Can a new material replace another, not only to see its price advantages, it should also see its product quality, energy-saving, whether the environment has a negative impact, but also to see its resources to match the degree, only to meet the above all aspects of the conditions, can say a material made a breakthrough progress.

Aluminum alloy cable In the replacement of copper cable has the following points to be examined:

1, conductive performance is not as good as copper cable, energy saving is an important issue

Copper and aluminum materials in the electrical and mechanical properties are significantly different. The following table gives a comparison of their related performance.

The electrical conductivity and resistivity of aluminum alloy wires are similar to that of pure aluminum, so the electric properties of copper cables can be achieved only by the method of enlarging the section. This means that aluminum alloy cable in the conductivity and resistivity of the two cables the most basic performance to see no more substantial progress than pure aluminum, which is the European countries do not choose the first reason for aluminum alloy cable.

2. Production and use of aluminum alloy cable energy consumption is greater thancopper cable

The energy consumption in the production and use of different raw materials used in the grid is about 3 times times the consumption of copper in the process of production and use.

The conclusion from the analysis is that if only the one-time input and the purchase cost are considered, aluminum alloy cable and aluminum material undoubtedly has great advantages, but from the copper and aluminum cable life cycle cost analysis, copper and aluminum cost is almost no difference, and compared with aluminum alloy cable from the whole life cycle cost angle is superior to aluminum alloy cable.