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The Basic Process Of Manufacture Of Plastic Wire And Cable
- May 18, 2017 -

The basic process of manufacture of plastic wire and cable
1. Copper and aluminium monofilament pulling system
Wire and cable commonly used copper, aluminum rod, at ambient temperature, using a wire drawing machine through a or several stretch mold hole, so that the section decreases, the length increases, the strength increases. Wire drawing is the first process of each wire and cable company, the main process parameters of drawing are the modular technology.
2. Single Filament annealing
Copper, aluminum monofilament in heating to a certain temperature, in a recrystallization way to improve the toughness of monofilament, reduce the strength of single silk, to meet the wire and cable to the conductive core requirements. The key to annealing process is to eliminate the oxidation of copper wires.
3. Twisting of conductors
In order to improve the flexibility of wire and cable, so as to lay the installation, the conductive wire core adopts a multi-wire twisted together. The twisted form of the conductor core can be divided into the rule twisted and irregular twisted. Irregular twisted is divided into bundles, concentric twisted, special twisted and so on.
In order to reduce the occupancy area of the conductor and reduce the geometrical size of the cable, the twisted form is adopted at the same time, so that the ordinary circular variation is semicircular, fan-shaped, tile-shaped and tight-pressed circular. Such conductors are mainly used in power cables.
4. Insulation extrusion
Plastic wire and cable mainly adopts packed solid insulating layer, plastic insulation extrusion main Technical Requirements:
4. 1. Eccentricity: The deviation value of extrusion insulation thickness is an important indicator of extrusion process, most of the product structure size and its deviation value are clearly stipulated in the standard.
4. 2. Smoothness: Extruded insulating layer surface requirements smooth, not surface roughness, coke, impurities bad quality problems
4. 3. compactness: Extrusion insulation layer of the cross section should be compact and strong, not visible to the naked eye pinhole, to eliminate the existence of bubbles.
5. Cable
For multi-core cables, in order to ensure the molding, reduce the profile of the cable, it is generally necessary to twist the round. The mechanism of the twisted pair is similar to the conductor twist, which is mostly used without the twisting method because of the large diameter of the twisted-strand. The technical requirements of the cable: first, to eliminate the abnormal insulation of the core and lead to the bending of cables, the second is to prevent the insulation layer is scratched.
Most cables are accompanied by the completion of two other processes: one is padding, ensuring the cable's round and stable after the cable, and the one is lashing and securing the core is not loose.
6. Inner retaining layer
In order to protect the insulating core from armored getatai injuries, the insulating layer is required to be properly protected, the inner retaining layer is divided into the inner retaining layer (isolating sleeve) and the wrapping layer (cushion layer). The wrapping layer is substituted for the strap and the cable process synchronously.
7. Armoured
Laying in underground cables, work may withstand a certain positive pressure effect, can choose the internal steel tape armored structure. The cable laying in both the positive pressure and tensile effect of occasions (such as water, vertical shaft or large drop in the soil), should be used with internal steel wire armored structure.
8. Outer sheath
The outer sheath is the structural part of protecting the insulating layer of wire and cable to prevent the erosion of environmental factors. The main function of the outer sheath is to improve the mechanical strength of wire and cable, prevent chemical corrosion, moisture, waterproof, and prevent the burning of cables. According to the different requirements of the cable, the use of extrusion machine directly packed plastic sheath.