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The Difference Between The Internet And Ethernet And The Local Area Network
- Jan 06, 2018 -

The difference between the Internet and Ethernet and the local area network

Is simply gathering Ethernet LAN, LAN is the basic public one or several public IP gateway, and then connect to the Internet, the Internet is a lot of a network server, you access the Internet is accessing different servers, but these servers are connected together to form the rich content of the internet.

Ethernet is a classified Ethernet standard in the LAN, which has been formally established by the IEEE 802.3 working group in 2000

The local area network of local area network, it covers a small area. There are not too many restrictions on the number of computers in the computer network, and there are only two units, and hundreds of them. Generally speaking in the enterprise LAN, the number of workstations in the tens to about two hundred times. The geographical distance involved in the network can generally be within a few meters to less than 10 kilometers. The local area network is usually located in a building or a unit. There is no problem of finding the path, and it does not include the application of the network layer.

The characteristics of this network are: narrow range of connection, few users, easy configuration and high connection rate. The fastest speed of the LAN is now 10G Ethernet. The 802 Standard Committee of IEEE defines a variety of main LAN nets: Ethernet (Ethernet), token ring network (Token Ring), optical fiber distributed interface network (FDDI), asynchronous transfer mode network (ATM) and the latest wireless LAN (WLAN).

The Internet is also called "Internet" because of the homonym of the English word "Internet". So in the Internet application development today, it is a network of us every day, no matter from the geographical scope, or from the network in terms of its size are the largest of a network, we often say that "Web", "WWW" and the "World Wide Web" and other name. Geographically speaking, it can be the interconnection of the global computers. The biggest characteristic of this network is uncertainty. The computers of the entire network are constantly changing along with the access of people's network at all times. When you connect to the Internet, your computer can be part of the Internet, but once you break the connection of the Internet, your computer will not belong to the Internet. But its advantages are also very obvious, that is, large amount of information and wide spread. Wherever you are, you can send your letters and ads to anyone who can connect to the Internet as long as you connect to the Internet.

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