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Use Of The Special Process Of Plastic Pipe Cable
- Jul 29, 2017 -

Use of the special process of plastic pipe cable

The power inside and outside the plastic composite pipe is the pipe through a special process, coating the outer surface of the steel tube, a special polyethylene plastic powder material made of steel plastic composite pipe. Because polyethylene has the characteristics of antistatic, flame retardant and anti-corrosion, it is a perfect combination of steel and plastic with the strength of the steel tube. It belongs to the energy saving and environmental protection products that are widely used by the state.

With the development of the electric power industry, information industry and the national economy, the problem of environmental protection has gradually attracted people's attention, in the promotion of large scale cable in the city power grid construction and transformation, the cable protection pipe is widely used, by laying, simple construction, saving investment, convenient maintenance. The use of the cable protection pipe is not only beneficial to the improvement of the city appearance, traffic and environment, but also to the mutual influence between the cables and the influence of other underground pipelines on the cables. The cable failure caused by external force damage is greatly reduced, and the service life of the cable is prolonged. At present, cable protection tube of many types, different performances, summed up the following main categories: metal materials, such as plastic pipe, galvanized steel pipe, cast iron pipe, seamless steel pipe; Velen cement pipes; glass steel pipe; plastic pipe. The plastic pipe in steel pipe and plastic pipe advantages together, is the best product cable protection pipe.