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What Are The Power Cord Plugs Around Us
- May 27, 2018 -

What power cord plugs are around us: the power line plugs can be seen everywhere, and we also deal with plugs every day, turn on the TV, open the air conditioner, wash clothes, and so on, all the electricity needs to be used, and the place where the electricity is used naturally will not be the plug. Plug looks simple, but the production requirements are relatively high, after all, security is an important factor in its consideration. But in each country, the standard of the plug is completely different, the plug of the other countries is all kinds, and let's appreciate the alternative plug that we haven't seen.

First come to the Asia Pacific region nearest to us, and these regions use different voltages, so the requirements for the plug are different, such as the Japanese voltage 100 volts, Australia 240 volts, Malaysia and India 230 volts. From the shape of the plug, South Korea uses a double foot circle and our Hongkong, China. Macao, and Malaysia, and Singapore are all three foot oblate, Australia and New Zealand are the most individual, for the eight - word, Japan, Thailand, the basic use of Philippines, for two feet flat, two feet flat or round type ground foot. Ningbo Orli strong electric appliance Co., Ltd.

In the Middle East, these power cord plugs are different. They are now carrying out European standards. We know that European standards are more stringent on product quality and, in relative terms, a higher safety factor, such as Russia, Belarus, Dubai, Turkey and so on. They are all European standard two legged circles, while Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and other countries besides the above specifications, there are three standard circles in Britain. Some countries also have their own specifications and standards, for example, Israel has set its own national standards.

In America, North America, Canada, South American Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Haiti, Venezuela and other countries, the standards are basically the same. In addition to some voltage, there is no difference in the frequency and shape, and the two feet are flat. A round ground foot. Of course, there are exceptions in the Americas, for example, the double circles used in Brazil, while Argentina uses eight figures, and Uruguay uses three passes.

So it can be seen that the standards of each country are different and the specifications of the plug are different. In fact, even if the wire plug is the same, the plug is not always common because of the difference of voltage and frequency. So the switch power line plug is generally used. It is used between different standards. A special plug for conversion. Some friends even jokingly say, to travel to other countries, to enjoy the different power cord plugs is one of the major tourism projects, and the power line plug is required to have some equipment.