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What Is The Difference Between Ethernet And The Internet?
- Jan 06, 2018 -

What is the difference between Ethernet and the Internet?

The main difference is that Ethernet is a LAN, which can only connect with nearby devices. The Internet is wan. We can connect to the United States via the Internet to get messages. Both are used to connect a computer network, but the scope of the two is different. Ethernet is limited within a certain distance. We can have hundreds of hundreds of Ethernet. But the Internet is the largest Wan, and we have only one Internet, so the Internet can be regarded as the network in the network. The Internet is a huge international system. It can connect all parts of the world. Private, public, academic or commercial networks or government networks can connect to each other and share resources. For image, the Internet is the network we use to open web pages, send mail, listen to music and watch movies. It includes a very wide range of information. Now we are used to it. And Ethernet, basically, is to allow only a few local computers to connect with each other. There is a set of technical support for the transmission of messages to each other. In general, computers connected to the Ethernet are in the same building, or around it. But with the development of Ethernet networks, the scope of Ethernet can be extended to ten kilometers. But because of the Internet connection, it is unrealistic to connect to a long distance. Life is more important. Ethernet is to connect your home computer and laptop to the cat, then connect it to the Internet by cat, so that you can connect with your foreign friend Skype. So your home computer, notebook and cat make up an Ethernet. It can be imagined that there are thousands of Ethernet in the world. The Ethernet is used commercially, and all their computers are connected to the main server. Ethernet can have one or several administrators. There may be a number of administrators on the Internet, but there is no administrator that can manipulate the entire Internet. Another difference is security. Ethernet is safer because he is a closed internal network, and the outside people have no authority. But the Internet is publicly connected, and everyone can browse.

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