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What Is The Difference Between Single Core Power Line And Multi-core Power Line?
- Aug 19, 2017 -

    Everyone knows that the power cord, but also in daily life will be basically see, but many people are not aware of the power cord is divided into single core and multi-core cord, and when used is a distinction. What is the difference between a single core and a multicore,


   1. There is only one wire in the single-core insulation sheath. There are two or three wires in the outer sheath of the multi-core insulation sheath.


  2. The sound of the single core wire is relatively fast and refreshing, and the sound of the multi-core wire is relatively mellow.


 3, multi-core line is soft and easy to use, easy to damage, threading is also more convenient, single core line is harder, more convenient to fix it.


 4. The equivalent surface area of multi-core wire with equivalent cross-sectional area is larger than single core wire, so the current capacity of multi-core wire with equivalent cross-sectional area is larger than that of single core wire.


    Whether a single-core or multi-core copper wire is used should be determined according to the specific conditions such as the location, environment, and application of the application.

First analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each:

1. The advantages of single-core copper wire are: strong tensile strength, low mold resistance, strong anti-surge current, and easy shaping. The disadvantages are: poor flexibility, poor resistance to breakage, poor resistance to skin, and poor heat dissipation.

2. Advantages of multi-core copper wire: good flexibility, good heat dissipation, good resistance to skin, and good resistance to breaking. The disadvantages are: poor tensile strength, easy mold breakage, poor surge current, and inconvenient plastic surgery.

By analyzing the respective advantages and disadvantages, it can be seen that the advantage of one party is basically the fault of the other party. Therefore, in electrical engineering, we must pay attention to avoiding weaknesses. Do a reasonable design.

1. Single-core copper wire should be used in dark deposit, overhead, jumper wire setting of power box, etc.

2, multi-core copper wire should be used for home appliance access power cord, circuit board connection, activity workplace and other applications.

Leaving a specific application environment and not targeting specific application objects, it does not make sense to discuss which type of copper wire to use.