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What Is The Difference Between Single Core Power Line And Multi-core Power Line?
- Aug 19, 2017 -

What is the difference between single core power line and multi-core power line?

The current depends mainly on the surface of the metal. Multicore wires are an advantage in this respect.

The price should be a little higher.

The wire can be divided into single core wire, multicore wire and composite wire, common single core wire is produced in the United States San line; multicore wire is commonly used is the American monster; composite wire is commonly produced in Holland Fan Denghao. The wire material is divided into ordinary oxygen free copper, single crystal copper, alloy material and inorganic material according to the material. Ordinary oxygen free copper, but also to distinguish between a few N, the general majority of the 4 N, a good point is 6 N, and advanced is more than 8 N (what is N? That is, the purity of copper, a few N is a few 9, such as 6 N is 99.9999%)

There is a line is a combination of single wire and multi wire, the structure is line is multi core line but each line is insulation enameled wire, and with thickness ranging from line Rao system, so it has the characteristics of single core and multi-core. Often used in Switzerland is the SYMO.

General single core voice relatively fast and refreshing, multi core line's voice is mellow, but in your equipment is suitable to the experiment, almost all audio related equipment are like this, this is the sound of confusion and charm, the same set of equipment will have a completely different effect in different the environment and conditions, therefore, must have a set in their work environment and the location of the equipment collocation scheme, this scheme is only suitable for you.

If you have money, you can buy a brand name line back in a row, but many beginners do not have money, so there are many good performance substitutes. For example, some of the sound source with the signal line is very good, there are domestic Shanghai produced into Feng card, some lines are pretty good, the price is also very cheap, is the first choice for the poor. The power line can find some power lines of the imported power amplifier, some of which are very good. If there is no line, with speaker wire general to power line than some of the original machine belt line, if possible, if you are the best equipment from the outside as a ground wire in, so your music will have a very clean background.

Methods the speaker line can refer to the signal line, but also the power line is a substitute of electric welding machine, is a multi line waterproof core, the sound is very good, some of the equipment is very good, but it is not good, so we have to experiment

If required, a static conductive cable, such as a home power line,

Generally, single core cable is used, which is relatively low in cost, and the conductivity is guaranteed under the condition of a certain cross sectional area

If the wire is used in this way often, multi core line, and the more pull more frequently need more multi core line. As a temporary lighting wire, power line of household appliances, such as electric welding cable flexibility.

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