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What Is The Specifications Of The Plug Line And Plug Line
- May 24, 2018 -

Plug line - plug line is also called plug power cord, is a certain length of the power cord plus a plug or both ends of the power cord has a plug, the plug line is a small household appliances, communications, various mechanical equipment commonly used accessories Simplified and simple, a device, or instrument, as long as the need for electricity, are inseparable from the plug line, plug line is a worldwide range of products, so we Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. production plug line face The customers are all over the world. If the plug line is to be exported, the product must be certified. The country where the plug line is exported must have corresponding certification. If the plug line exported to Europe must have European VDE certification, the plug line exported to the United States must have UL certification of the United States, the plug line exported to the United Kingdom must have British BS certification, the plug line exported to Australia must have Australian SAA certification......

Since the plug line is a plug plus line, when the customer needs the plug line must be based on the customer's request requires a specific plug and power cord, what kind of plug is needed, is a 2-wire plug or a 3-pin plug which country plug, how much Ampere voltage, of course, when the power cord is also available in size and size, model H03VVH2-F H05VVH2-F H05VV-F

The size is also 2x0.75mm2 2x1.0mm2 3x0.75mm2 3x1.0mm2 ... so many specifications and models to plug and want to clearly understand what kind of power cord customers need, we must communicate with the customer, if necessary, change the need to give Sample of customer plug, let it confirm. Jiaxing Qian long Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and manufacturer of power cords and hopes our plug line can cooperate with you.