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Wire And Cable Inspection Content And Methods
- Jun 23, 2018 -

Wire and cable inspection and implementation of the "check" and "prevention based" approach. The quality inspection of wire and cable production Tianhong cable products is not limited to product quality inspection, but also includes quality inspection of various factors affecting product production quality during the entire production process from raw materials entering the factory to finished products. The scope and content of product quality inspection are relatively extensive. Specifically, the quality inspection of wire and cable products can include the following aspects:

1. Production of raw materials, auxiliary materials for wire and cable, outsourcing of Tianhong cables, and quality inspection of parts related to products;

2. Inspection of mechanical equipment used to manufacture wire and cable;

3, production of wire and cable used in the fixture, mold, process equipment inspection;

4. To supervise and inspect the construction process cards of each process of wire and cable manufacturing.

5, manufacturing a variety of formulations used for wire and cable inspection;

6. The factory inspection of Tianhong cable after the completion of wire and cable;

7, manufacturing wire and cable production environment inspection;

8, the production of wire and cable measurement tools, scales, instrument inspection.

The inspection methods of wire and cable products are various. According to the different inspection methods and roles, they can be divided into the following types:

1. According to the process stage: Tianhong cable pre-inspection and intermediate inspection;

2. Divided by inspection location: fixed inspection, flow inspection or call inspection;

3, divided by inspection personnel: self-test that is self-check and full-time inspection;

4, divided by the number of inspections: ordinary inspection and sampling inspection;

5, there is a preventive test, usually refers to the first test and Tianhong cable statistical test. The first inspection is the quality inspection of the first event. The so-called statistical test is the use of mathematical statistics and the principle of probability, through the inspection and analysis of a certain number of products, to determine the product quality and its development trend of a test method.

6. Factory inspection tests include routine tests, sampling tests and type tests.