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Wire And Cable Standard Planning
- Sep 09, 2017 -

Wire and cable standard planning

First, the overall situation of the industry, China's wire and cable production value in 1998 has accounted for 1% of the total output value of the national economy, copper consumption is second only to the United states. According to the 1995 third national industrial census, China's wire and cable companies have a total of 4676 (excluding Taiwan area), according to the percentage distribution of enterprise statistics, China 40.36%, South Africa 21.96%, North China northeast 19.25%, 8.55%, 3.08% in Taiwan, 2.65% west north area, southwest area 2.65%. After entering 1990s, China's wire and cable manufacturing industry has entered a period of rapid development. In 1998, the output value of wire and cable manufacturing industry was 4.2 times in 1990, and sales volume was 4.5 times. The increase of output value is synchronous with the growth of GDP. In 1999, China's total exports of wire and cable products were US $1 billion 258 million, 12.5 times as much as in 1990, and US $1 billion 100 million in exports in 1999. After more than 10 years of rapid development, China's wire and cable manufacturing industry has made great progress in product development and application, and basically met the needs of the development of the national economy and the people's livelihood. According to the statistics of the 1989 wire and cable production enterprises, in 2002 completed a total sales revenue of 116 billion 700 million yuan, an increase of 4.99%; the annual sales value of 122 billion 190 million yuan, an increase of 5.91% over the previous year; the annual total industrial output value (constant price) an increase of 7.48% over last year. As a result of the excessive production capacity of wire and cable manufacturing industry, fierce price competition resulted in a significant decline in profitability, and the total profit of the industry decreased by 22.4% over the same period last year. Loss making enterprises in the whole industry increased by 19%, and the amount of losses increased by 500 million yuan. In 2002, the mechanical industry, wire and cable enterprises completed the main product output: 2 million 547 thousand km of power cables; 663 thousand tons of steel core aluminum wire; 42 million 130 thousand km of communications cables; cloth wire 16 million 260 thousand kilometers. The main problems of China's wire and cable industry: - disorderly development leads to the overall size of the industry is too large, but the scale is too small; the labor productivity is low; the backward management, weak scientific research and innovation system has not been established; the market is not standardized. Looking forward to the 21st century, our country will achieve GDP in 2000 more than doubled in the first ten years. It is expected that from now to 2005, the average annual growth rate of China's economy is 7 to 8%, according to the forecast, in the next five years or even ten years, China's wire and cable sales value will be slightly higher than the average annual growth rate of the growth of the national economy, is expected to reach 8 to 9%. In the new century, China's wire and cable manufacturing industry will be adjusted in the development, and further development in the adjustment. China's wire and cable manufacturing industry will be better tomorrow. The second part of the technology development and related products I. low energy consumption overhead wire 1. 63%IACS 1) the chemical composition of domestic aluminum ingot has improved significantly. At present our country is the world's largest producer of aluminum. Because of lots of imported aluminum alumina, the domestic aluminum ingot remelting with aluminum content increased significantly, decreased the silicon content and most brands of AL 99.70, to provide a good foundation for aluminum wire and cable industry, and the future development of the high conductive Aluminum Alloy aluminum ingots with the foundation. For example: aluminum content in 99.78%, silicon content in 0.05% of the remelting aluminum ingot is easy to purchase. 2) the processing technology of electrical aluminium conductor, the application of processing technology such as optimizing the rare earth of aluminium conductor, boride and so on, has been popularized, and the conductivity of aluminum conductor has been further improved by the application of these new processes. 3) the influence of high conductivity and low energy overhead wire on the production cost and line investment, the low energy overhead wire with conductivity 63%IACS makes the production cost increase slightly, but not more than 10%. The increase in conductor lead to an increase in transmission line investment, which can be recovered within 10 years after the transmission line is put into operation. It is one of the feasible energy saving measures under the condition of national energy shortage. 2. standardization survey, domestic manufacturers have produced 62.5%IACS conductive overhead wire products, and formulated product enterprise standards. There are no corresponding standards abroad. Japan has 62%IACS overhead wire products. Two. Overhead line 1. of 1) the main technical requirements across the span: 2300 meters and above; tension weight ratio: 17 km and above; transmission current capacity: 1000A and above; self damping properties: excellent. More than 2 domestic) has reached the level of a) basic raw material: high strength Aluminum Alloy line: B = 325 MPa sigma delta; more than 3% per cent; the conductivity is greater than or equal to 52.5%IACS; high strength steel wire: B = 1770; sigma Sigma 1% = 1550 MPa; MPa; delta = 2.5%; zinc coating weight more than 260g/m2; the aluminum clad steel wire: B = 1340 MPa sigma delta; more than 1.5% per cent; the conductivity is greater than or equal to 20.3%IACS. All of the above materials meet or exceed the international standard. B) has developed large span high strength galvanized steel wire strand core high strength Aluminum Alloy success: AACSR/EST - 450/200AACSR/EST - 640/290 aluminum clad steel strand: AS - 5102. in the future of the main research work with foreign standardization outline: 1) to meet the requirements of power transmission from west to East, China will build a number of long distance transmission line over the canyon, rivers and lakes, mountains, and large span conductor dosage increase, further development in accordance with the requirements of the project across the wire. 2) serialization design and standard work of large span traverse. 3) foreign countries generally use the technical conditions of enterprises as the basis for manufacturing large overhead overhead conductors, without national standards or association standards. 4) large span wire required aluminum wire, aluminum clad steel wire, aluminum alloy wire, galvanized steel wire and other single wire materials, as far as possible the use of existing single line standards. Three.750kV transmission lines and substations, expanded overhead lines and expanded bus 1., general situation 1) 750 kV transmission line project is an important component of China's power transmission from west to east. Northwest and southwest of China are located on the plateau, high above sea level. The general transmission case, without the use of large cross-section conductor, thus expanding the overhead conductors varieties came into being; 2) Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute has applied for national patent "expanded conductor", and has been approved; 3) combined with the northwest power grid, has developed and expanded conductor bus line as the 750 kV transmission project. 4) target: 750 kV transmission lines and substations with wires and bus are used to expanding the application structure, for example: six Division with 300 mm2 to 400 mm2 diameter wire conductor diameter; four division with 500 mm2 to 720 mm2 diameter wire conductor diameter. Busbar expansion has removed unnecessary steel or steel belt support components, greatly saving raw materials. 2., the general situation of standardization has not been seen in foreign countries. According to the needs of the project, the enterprise standards should be formulated first, and the industrial standards or national standards shall be formulated on this basis. Four. Fiber optic composite overhead ground wire 1. overview, after more than 10 years of efforts, China now has more than 10 can produce various structures of the OPGW factory, the manufacture of aluminum tube, stainless steel tube type OPGW. China's annual consumption of nearly 20000 km, the world's most. 2. standard 1) foreign manufacturers have their own company (enterprise) 2) the existing technical conditions of the corresponding standard IEC 61396 "OPGW of electrical, mechanical and physical performance requirements and test methods". "The IEC 60794411999 overhead cable cable for power line part 4-1". IEEE STD 1138-1994 "optical fiber composite overhead ground wire for power lines". 3) domestic standards: has been completed: JB/T 8999-1999, "optical fiber composite overhead ground wire" machinery industry standards. DL/T 832-2003 "optical fiber composite overhead ground wire" power industry standards. The national standard of "optical fiber composite overhead ground wire" will be issued and implemented soon. 4) can be used for optical fiber transmission, control and communication purposes, OPGW has the same performance, so there is no need to list what new standard five.500kV XLPE cable and its annex 1. of the world has been on the national development 500kV XLPE cables and accessories for Japan (Hitachi, Sumitomo, Fujikura, Furukawa company) France (Alcatel), Sweden (ABB) and Germany (Siemens). Only in the actual operation of 500kV XLPE cables and accessories manufacturer Hitachi, Japan Fujikura company and Sweden ABB company (applied to China Dachaoshan Hydropower Station). 2.500kV XLPE cable and accessories standard setting up, IEC has been issued in 2001 "IEC62067 rated voltage 150kV (Um=170kV) above to 500kV (Um=550kV) extruded insulated cables and their accessories - Test methods and requirements"). In China, the Shanghai Cable Research Institute and the Hebei Xinhua wire & Cable Group Corporation have jointly formulated the enterprise standard "rated voltage 500kV (Um=550kV) XLPE insulated power cables and their accessories". China has been and is developing 500kV power cable enterprises Hebei Baofeng Cable Corporation, Qingdao Hanhe cable group, TBEA Luneng Taishan cable company and Hebei Xinhua cable group company, but so far 500kV is completely dependent on imports of XLPE cable accessories. The 500kV copper core 800mm2 XLPE cable of Baofeng Hebei cable group company has passed the type test according to the requirements of IEC62067. The trial product is checked and accepted in conjunction with its VCV equipment. The experiment was carried out at the ultrahigh voltage laboratory of Wuhan Institute of high voltage. Six. Rated voltage 10 to 35kV cable separation connector 1. general rated voltage 10~35kV cable separable connector research and development of ring network power supply box and box transformer separable connector. The major foreign manufacturers are the United States Amerace company and so on, and the major domestic production enterprises are Guangdong cable accessories factory and so on. 2. domestic and foreign standards of existing international standards for IEC60502-4 "rated voltage of 6kV (Um=7.2kV) to 30kV (Um=36kV) requirements" test cable accessories, including test procedures, test procedures and requirements including shielding electric plug not separable connector for unshielded separable connectors and separable connectors with a load test plug procedures and requirements. National standard for GB/T 12706.4, rated voltage 6kV (Um=7.2kV) to 35kV (Um=40.5kV) power cable accessories test requirements, the national standard modified by IEC60502-4. The product standard of cable separable connector with rated voltage 10 ~ 35kV is not available. Seven. High temperature superconducting cable (200K) survey in 1987 found that 1. of YBaCuO high temperature superconducting materials critical temperature of 92K, about 110K BiSrCaCuO in 1988 found that the critical temperature of high temperature superconducting materials after 1990, bismuth high-temperature superconducting materials manufacturing technology breakthrough, the formation of commercial production. At present, the leading countries of HTS cable research and development are Japan, the United States, Denmark, Italy, France, South Korea and other countries. The HTS cable system has been test with the Danish 30m 36kV WD three-phase single core insulated HTS cable, the American Southwire company 30m 12.5kV CD three-phase single core insulated HTS cable; test field test run of the HTS cable system in the United States EPRI/Pirelli 50m, single phase single core 115kV WD insulated HTS cable, Sumitomo Co Japan's Tokyo electric power company 100m three-phase three core 66kV CD insulated HTS cable and the French EDF/ Pirelli 50m three-phase three core high temperature superconducting cable. 2. standards at home and abroad, the current IEC TC 90 to undertake superconductivity standards work. Its main publication standard is the testing standards for superconducting characteristics, but it does not involve the development of standards for high temperature superconducting cable products.In August 26, 2003, the National Technical Committee for standardization of superconductivity was established in China. The number is SAC/TC265, and the Secretariat is located in the Institute of physics of cas. The research of superconducting and HTS cables in China is still in its infancy. The standard setting work is still at the beginning stage. For the previous National Center for superconductivity participation in international standard organization, five national standards and preparatory work, including three approval for national standards, including GB/T 17711-1999 YBCO (123 phase) DC resistance test method of superconducting critical temperature of Tc. The research and development of HTS cable in China is still in its infancy, and the conditions for formulating HTS cable products and test methods are not yet available. Eight,.1E class nuclear power plant with cable 1., general nuclear power plant cable, to meet the 1E safety level as the basic requirements. 1E security level refers to complete the reactor scram; containment isolation, emergency core cooling, the reactor residual heat removal; prevent electric equipment of radioactive material to the surrounding environment and other functions of the emission level of security cable. Class 1E cables are classified into class K3 and class K1 according to different laying conditions. K3 type cable laying in the security shell, can perform its required function in normal circumstances and under earthquake load, so the 1E class K3 cable is usually not radiation damage of nuclear reactor, without Luca test, but must comply with the provisions of the security level. Class K1 cables are installed inside the containment to a certain extent affected by radiation for a long time. Therefore, in addition to the requirements of class K3 cables, Luca cables shall also be tested through the test. The varieties of cables used in nuclear power stations are basically the same as those of general thermal power plants, but the requirements are strict. The main varieties are 10 kV and below power cables, control cables, instruments and meters cables, thermocouple compensation cables, our country for safety considerations, the use of high voltage first class 6/10kV cable. The design of nuclear power plants in China is affected by three aspects: France, the United States and russia. Class K3 class 1E cable: the cable shall pass the thermal life assessment test, and the evaluation result shall be no less than 40 years, and strive for 60 years. At present, the insulation core of the cable is required to pass through a single vertical combustion test. The finished cables are required to pass the B beam forming combustion test. The insulation and sheath of finished cable, the amount of acid escaping from combustion, the pH value and conductivity of water solution should be in accordance with the stipulation of halogen free and low smoke. At present, there are more than 10 cable factories through product identification, and the official supply of 1E class K3 cables is about 10. All enterprise standards are basically the same, but there are several common suspense: the insulated wire core through a single vertical burning test is actually very difficult to pass the requirements are not reasonable; the thermal life evaluation test is too complex, too long, the oven requirements are inconsistent, so far no unified opinion; the electric life test method has not been officially recognized. Class K1 class 1E cable: class K1 class 1E cable test requirements are as follows: (1) thermal aging test, the United States is 138 hours 300 hours, equivalent to 40 years. (2) after irradiation test, the gamma ray radiation test was carried out with cobalt source after aging test. The absorbed dose of mild environmental cable in America was 7 * 105 Gy, and the harsh environment was 15 * 105 Gy. (3) LOCA-HELB simulation test, cable temperature, steam pressure and time in the container in a prescribed cycle test, the simultaneous injection of chemical solution, often with 1.5% boric acid solution, and sodium hydroxide at room temperature by adjusting the pH value to 10.5 as a solution. The jet flow rate is 34.2 i/min M2 on the horizontal projection plane. (4) immersion in high voltage testing, gamma irradiation test, to ease the environmental cable wound on the metal cylinder 20 times of the cable diameter on the harsh environment is 40 times the diameter of the cable, and then immersed in water at room temperature, the voltage applied to the 3.15 MV/m gradient, 5 minutes without breakdown for qualified. 2. domestic and foreign standards currently accepted for nuclear power station cable specification a IEEE 383-1974 (IE) American standard cable, nuclear power plant site and splicing connection type test standard), Shanghai basic acceptance and adoption. B) - the French Framatome nuclear power standard specification, Lingao nuclear power station is almost fully adopted. (c) Russian standard - Tianwan (Lianyungang) nuclear power plant, but make necessary modifications. (d) domestic user specifications - HF specification compiled by the Nuclear Power Design Institute of the Ministry of nuclear industry. Although some details of HF specifications are not reasonable, they are mandatory and authoritative in china. Nuclear power cable products classified by use including rated voltage 10kV and below power cables, rated voltage 450/750V and below control cables, rated voltage 300/500V and below the installation of wires, cables, cable compensation instrument. Cable insulation and sheathing materials of nuclear power plant to XLPE insulated low smoke halogen-free cross-linked polyolefin insulation and thermoplastic low smoke halogen-free polyolefin insulation (individual use), low smoke halogen-free flame retardant silicone rubber and EPDM insulation insulation, cross-linking low smoke halogen-free polyolefin sheath, thermoplastic halogen-free low smoke, low smoke halogen-free polyolefin sheathed rubber sheath, flame retardant silicone rubber sheath. PVC insulation or sheath is not currently used in china. Nine. Frequency converter motor winding line 1. overview 1) in the past twenty years, VVVF motor has great development at home and abroad, the annual growth rate of slightly more than 10%, while the annual growth rate of DC transmission is 3 ~ 4%. Variable frequency motor has many advantages, such as less equipment investment, simple structure, small volume, low cost, energy saving, large speed range, with constant power and constant speed characteristics, convenient use, large capacity and so on. Therefore, it is widely used in metallurgy, mining, rail and other industries, and also widely used in household appliances. Since 1998, foreign countries reported the research status of frequency converter motor windings for the first time, considerable progress has been made in foreign countries, and domestic research work began in 1999. 2) approved overseas inverter motor winding wire America shielding layer containing metal oxide composite enameled wire (TZQS, RZQS2 and USP) Dupon- Germany Herberts VOLTRONTM enameled wire (E3599IPDR paint) winding failure mechanism, test method research has been gradually mature, test method has a tendency of. 3) the project has become a hot industry for the exchange by the end of 1999, Shanghai mechanical and Electrical Engineering Institute of electrical materials Committee of July 2000 special exchange frequency conversion motor. At the end of 1999, Shanghai Electric Appliance Research Institute listed variable frequency motors as an industry planning project. Study on high frequency pulse test methods and test equipment for enameled wire in Shanghai Cable Research Institute in 2001. Variable frequency motor winding wire machinery industry standards project has been reported in early 2004. Ten. Ultra clean XLPE insulation material and super smooth shielding material 1. overview 1) with ultra clean XLPE insulation material and super smooth shielding material the only Nordic chemical and Dow UCC owned production EHV XLPE insulated cables. 2) for the production of rated voltage 220kV XLPE insulation cable super net XLPE insulation material, the requirement of impurity content is: 1000g band, no more than 100 m above impurities. For the production of rated voltage 500kV XLPE insulated cable net XLPE super insulation material impurity content requirements: 1000g with no more than 50 mu m impurities, this requirement only Japan NIPPON UNICAR company (UCC and Japanese joint venture) in Japan XLPE super net production of insulating material can reach to 500kV XLPE. Cable outside Japan national supply with super net XLPE insulation material, NIPPON UNICAR company supply standards: 1000g like with impurities in the maximum size of 75 mu m. 3) rated voltage 220kVXLPE insulation cable for ultra smooth shielding material requirements: cable insulation and semi conductive shielding layer, the interface is not more than 80 mu m. Rated voltage 500kVXLPE insulated cable for ultra smooth shielding material requirements: cable insulation and semi conductive shielding layer, the interface is not more than 60 mu m. 4) it is not possible to produce XLPE ultra clean insulating materials and super smooth shielding materials in China at present. The main reason is that there is no chemical enterprise dedicated to small batch production of PE base materials for electrical insulation at present in china. Eleven. Wire and cable lead, two polybrominated diphenyl ether and polybrominated diphenyl ether and other harmful substances insulation and sheathing materials 1. of 1) of European Union since July 1, 2006 since the implementation of the ROHS directive, ROHS directive on the market of new electrical and electronic equipment products do not contain lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated two six phenyl ether (PBDE), polybrominated biphenyls (PBB) and other six kinds of harmful substances. 2) according to statistics, in 2002, China exported 27 billion dollars of electromechanical products to the European Union countries, accounting for 17% of the export of electromechanical products nationwide. ROHS directive involves the export value of China's mechanical and electrical products, US $12 billion 200 million, accounting for 45% of our exports of electromechanical products to Europe, involving about 2000 export enterprises. The ROHS directive will have a great impact on the export of electronic and electrical products to EU countries. 3) the use of low smoke halogen free flame retardant cable in the concentrated place of foreign developed countries requires that the cable has no impact on the environment after use and waste. It has become the trend and trend. A few enterprises in China have been leading the environmental protection cables and have been successful. The characteristics of cable: l contains no halogen, no harmful gas and corrosive gases; l combustion smoke less; l flame retardant properties; l does not contain heavy metals such as lead, free of environmental hormone, does not pollute the soil; l can be reused. 2. domestic and international standards for this cable standard should be consistent with the following specifications: insulation and sheath material for national and industry standards for EM cable standard IS014000 series of environmental management standards of Japan EU standards related to most of the domestic wire and cable, in order to meet the need of export to EU countries wire and cable products, should stipulate the content index of lead mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, six polybrominated diphenyl ether and two polybrominated diphenyl ether and other harmful substances and the corresponding detection methods, preliminary consideration of these contents stipulated in the "general rules for environmental protection material and sheath material type insulated wire and cable" (tentative name) machinery industry standard. Twelve. Wire and cable insulation and sheath material of nanometer material 1. of 1) some foreign companies can now provide cable industry with nano composite materials, this kind of material containing only a small amount of modified layered nanoparticles materials with nano characteristics. The addition of nanoparticles has little effect on the mechanical properties of the polymer, and the effect is better than that of other fillers. 2) there are also domestic materials companies can produce in situ polymerized polyethylene nanocomposites, laying the foundation for the manufacture of cable insulation and sheath materials. 3) domestic nanotechnology special public test platform has been opened last year and opened to the public at the same time, which will promote the transformation of nano scientific research products to commodities, thus speeding up the industrialization of nanotechnology. 2. the standard abroad 1) China first "nano standard" by Chinese Metallurgical Information Standards Institute of nano science and technology center and other units are being developed, is expected to be formally introduced during the year, the general standard covers the entire nano scientific research and industry is brewing. 2) most of the insulating materials and sheathing materials used in wires and cables in China have been in state and industry standards, and these materials standards are in line with the requirements of the performance of wire and cable products. The application of nanotechnology can improve and improve the properties of materials such as processing, flame retardance and so on. From the point of view of the national and trade standards of wires, cables, insulating materials and sheathing materials, there is no need for extensive revision.The third part of the 2010 Forecast of UHV (750kV, 1000kV) and cable accessories research (n) summary table of 1 key projects (project) technology standard project name project basis by the level 1. conductivity 63%IACS hard drawn aluminum national standard technology development trend and domestic market demand does not reduce the strength of the next, the increase of electrical conductivity of aluminum conductors promotes 2. conductivity 63%IACS round wire concentric lay wire development standards and technology trends and domestic market demand by the conductivity of 63%IACS hard pull wire manufacturing overhead conductors to promote industrial upgrading 3. trunk lines with overhead wires A. high strength aluminum clad steel wire B. high strength galvanized steel core development the national standard of high strength wire technology trends Aluminum Alloy and domestic market demand to promote industrial upgrading 4. expanding industrial upgrading Overhead wires and expanding the development of national standard bus technology trends and domestic market demand to promote the technological progress of rated voltage of 5. 500kV (Um=550kV) of XLPE cables and the development trend of electric power accessories national standard technology and domestic market demand of imported production line manufacturing industry promote technological progress in 6. rated voltage of 110 kV (Um=126kV) to 500kV (Um=550kV) with the ultra clean insulation material standard technology development trend of the industry and domestic market demand of ultra clean material to promote the technological progress of 7. of the rated voltage of 110 kV XLPE power cable (Um=126kV) to 500kV (Um=550kV) with ultra smooth shielding material standard technology development trend of the industry and domestic market demand of ultra smooth material to promote the technological progress of 1E cable A. rated voltage 10kV and below power cable B. 8. nuclear power plant in XLPE power cables Rated voltage 450/750V and below C. control cables rated voltage 300/500V and below D. compensating cables of rated voltage 300/500V and below E. instrument cable rated voltage 300/500V and below the national standard installation cable development trend and domestic market demand to promote the technological progress of 9. variable frequency motor to promote industrial upgrading 10. wire and cable insulation material and environment-friendly sheath material with general winding line standard technology development trend of the industry and domestic market demand (tentative name) standard technology development trend of the industry and domestic market demand to promote the technological progress of 11. of rated voltage 10kV to 35kV power cable separable connector standard technology development trend of the industry and domestic market demand of shielding, shielding, load plug to promote the technological progress of Table 2 summary table key projects (Amendments) project name level Don't use the technology standard project basis of 1. optical fiber composite overhead ground wire industry standard technology development trend and domestic market demand of overhead wire and optical fiber manufacture industry to promote technological progress in Table 3 Adoption Project Summary project name level approval based on adopting international standard serial number and the name of 1. of the rated voltage 500kV (Um=550kV) XLPE power cable annex and national standards on direction of IEC rated voltage of 62067 150kV (Um=170kV) to 500kV (Um=550kV) extruded insulation cable and its accessories for power cables and accessories - Requirements and test methods for 2. OPGW industry standard key direction IEC 1396 OPGW electrical, mechanical and physical performance requirements and test methods of IEC 60794411999 "article 4-1 for power line cable overhead Optical cable". IEEE STD 1138-1994 "optical fiber composite overhead ground wire for power lines".

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